“No progressive gastronomy” and “Fish from within 0.5km” are the two slogans that summarise the philosophy of the Chalet Don Diego. No farmed fish, no imported fish and no lorry deliveries, just fresh fish brought in daily from our own sea. By adhering to these to principles, and by not succumbing to commercialisation or the pressures of the global market, we have been able to give our cooking an exclusive reputation for being genuine and healthy. But, more importantly, our food is safe.

Our recipes are founded upon local culinary culture and are seasoned with the flavours and smells of our very own herb garden. We deliberately haven’t promoted any of our recipes in this presentation, because, as we always remind are clients “Our menu is decided by the sea”.

What is certain at our restaurant is that our customers will find a friendly atmosphere generated by the owners, allowing clients to fully enjoy the true pleasures provided by our local sea. Our “fish from within 0.5km” slogan has been defined as such, because it is from this short distance that our ingredients originate. From the blue seas of our fabulous Adriatic coast into our customers' mouths, passing via the hands of our chef who enriches the natural tastes before presenting a flavourful and pleasure-packed unique sensory experience.

We look forward to welcoming you into our chalet on the beach.